NF-light™ Serum ELISA RUO

Catalog number20-8002 RUO
Kit sizeone 96-well strip plate
AntigenRecombinant human Neurofilament Light protein
Calibrator range0.5 – 40 pg/mL
Specimen volume50 μl Serum
Minimum sample dilution4
Regulatory StatusRUO – Research Use Only

The NF-light™ Serum ELISA RUO allows for easy quantification of neurofilament light in human serum samples. This Research Use Only assay is highly sensitive with a calibrator curve that ranges from 0.5 to 40 pg/mL. With a minimum sample dilution of 4x, the calibrator curve covers the interval 2 – 160 pg/mL making it suitable for research on many neurological disorders.

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