NF-Light™ Serum ELISA         

The NF-light™ (Neurofilament light) Serum ELISA is a Research Use Only product that allows easy quantification of NF-L in serum samples. The calibrator curve ranges from 0.5-40 pg/mL which – with a minimum sample dilution of 4 – covers the interval 2-160 pg/mL making it highly suitable for research on neurological degeneration.

NF-Light ELISA for CSF samples

The NF-light (Neurofilament light) ELISAs for CSF samples allows easy quantification of NF-L in CSF samples. The calibrator curve ranges from 100-10 000 pg/mL and the assay procedure is quick (<3 hrs). This makes the method highly suitable, as well as convenient, for quantification in samples from many different neurological disorders. The assay is available in two variants: A CE certified version approved for IVD use (NF-light® ELISA), and a Research Use Only version (NF-light™ ELISA).

anti-NF-Light Antibodies

We offer the monoclonal anti-NF-L antibodies from the NF-light ELISA assays as stand alone items enabling researchers to set up their own in-house research assays. In addition to the capture and detector antibodies, for convenience, the detector antibody is also available in its biotinylated form.

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